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Power Amplifier A-1000



1. Product Summary

1.1 Summary

A-1000 Power amplifier mainly used in the radio signal covering system of middle and small area, amplify the weaken radio signal by long distance delivery from base station(repeater) by the Down Link power amplifier(one of the two amplifiers built-in, the other is UP Link power amplier ) , connect to indoor area which need signal coverage, by power divider or coupler through RF cables, radiate the signal of base station(repeater) to and also receive the signal from the radio terminals(portable radios) by antenna. Amplify the weak signal from the radio terminals by the UP Link power amplier, then transfer through the RF cables to the base station(Repeater).  This process can compensate the signal lose by long distance transfer through RF cable, and effectively cover the communication blind spots indoor, against the interference, ensure the stable, reliable, high-quality signal coverage indoor. 

One of the advantages of A-1000 is, it can help to ensure the signal coverage without increase of extra base station (repeater), the other advantage is, the cost is much lower than the simulcast repeater system with the similar performance(usually is digital devices). Comparing with the simulcast repeater system, the solution of A-1000 has more simple structure, much fewer cost, and easier installation. Widely used in the indoor radio signal coverage solution in the shopping mall, hotel, bar, metro, tunnels and parking underground,  provide the reliable and cost-effective choice.  

1.2 Structure

       A-1000 components:

Power supplier 

DOWN Link power amplifier

UP Link power amplifier

Duplexer(connect to base station) 

Duplexer(connect to antenna)

1.3 Feature

Easy installation 

Full-duplex working,  interference avoid

wide range of gain and continuously adjustable without self-excitation

Power amilifier with high linearity , Duplexer with top performance, effectively avoid the intermodulated and spurious signal

Built-in temprature control and current limiting auto-control device

Built-in power supplier with protection system

1.4 Function list
0~30 dB  UP Link Gain range 0~30 dB 
Down Link Output power level options 5, 10, 25W
Down Link Input power limitation alarm
Current limiting protection
Temprature control protection
Reflection protection
2.2 Setting for DOWN Link power input 
Down Link power of A-1000 can be switched customisedly to low, middle, high, as the following: 
The 1st switch is for power, push up is “Power ON”, and push down is “Power OFF”
2.2.2   The 2nd switch is for lower input power, push up is “ON”, accordingly, the 3rd and 4th switch should be pushed down
2.2.3  The 3rd switch is for middle input power, push up is “ON”, accordingly, the 2nd and 4th switch should be pushed down
2.2.4  The 4th switch is for high input power, push up is “ON”, accordingly, the 2nd and 3rd switch should be pushed down
2.3  Setting for UP Link Gain 
UP Link Gain of A-1000 can be switched customisedly, the minimal step is 2dB, the maximum Gain is 31dB, as the following: 
The weight for the 1st switch is 2dB, when push it on, the total gain decrease 2 dB, when push it down, the total gain increase 2 dB
2.3.2  The weight for the 2nd switch is 4 dB, when push it on, the total gain decrease 4 dB, when push it down, the total gain increase 4 dB
2.3.3  The weight for the 3rd switch is 8 dB, when push it on, the total gain decrease 8 dB, when push it down, the total gain increase 8 dB
2.3.4  The weight for the 4th switch is 16 dB, when push it on, the total gain decrease 16 dB, when push it down, the total gain increase 16 dB
3.  Electrical parameters
Model:A-1000 Down Link Up Link
Frequency range 400~470MHz 400~470MHz
Input Voltage Level 3 ~ 15dBm -115 ~ -40dBm
Gain ≥35 dB 0~31 dB(step 2dB)
Noise Factor / ≤ 5 dB
Output power of Amplifier H=44dBm
L=37dBm 20dBm
Duplexer Insertion loss  ≤1.8 dB ≤2 dB
Duplexer working frequency width 5MHz
Duplexer RX/TX spacing 10MHz
Wave inside working range ≤3dB
Intermodulation reduction ≥ 65dBc @100kHz
Spurious emissions ≤ -36dBm @ 9KHz ~ 3GHz
Input/Output resistence 50Ω
VSWR ≤1.50:1
Interface N-joint Female  
Working Temperature -10T51;~+55T51;
Environment Humidity ≤ 95% RH
Waterproof and Dustproof IP55
Power supplier AC100~260V(45~60Hz)
AC Current Typical: 0.5A/220VAC(25W version)
Dimensions 573.4mm*385mm*155.7mm
Weight 21.8kg
4. Typical application
The solution contained A-1000 power amplifier, power divider, coupler, RF cable and antenna, widely used to resolve the indoor radio signal coverage problem in large and middle scale building. A-1000 can compensate the signal power lose during the transfer, avoid any signal blind area. 

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